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Here at Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing, we are proud of our exemplary workforce, our quality work environment, and the successes we have achieved.  The continued growth of our company lies within our commitment to our own “Core Values” that guide our decisions and actions as employees of Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing.

Why should you work at MTM?

Core Values

  • SAFETY. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we consider the safety of our people to be of prime importance.  We take responsibility for our own safety as well as those around us.  We understand that safety comes first, last, and everything in between in ensuring our people are able to return home from work safely to their families.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are 100% dependent on our customers; they are our lifeline.  We do “whatever it takes” to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service at all times.
  • TEAMWORK. Working well with others is critically important to the success of our organization.  We value employees who have a “teamwork” attitude, and know we can’t do it alone.  Working collaboratively supporting one another in achieving business goals and success is our purpose.  We celebrate our victories and accept and learn from our losses.
  • DIVERSITY. We value everyone and appreciate the diversity they bring to the team. All people within our organization have a “voice” and are valued.
  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY. Honesty and Integrity are the foundation of all of our actions.  We do everything in a manner that we would be willing to have exposed on the front page of the newspaper.

Additional Perks

  • On-site Flu Shots
  • Fitness Club Reimbursement
  • Clean, well-lit, safe, diverse, and inclusive environment

Manitowoc Tool and Manufacturing, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer